ESA CCI Soil Moisture in 2019 State of the Climate BAMS report

It's this time of year again! Bulletin of American Meteorological Society 2019 State of the Climate report has just been published.

The report features a summary of the global soil moisture conditions in 2019 contributed by the CLIMERS group [in "Global Climate", S56-S57].

2019 global soil moisture anomalies (Preimesberger et al. 2020). Click on the figure to download the full report.


Preimesberger, W., Pasik, A., van der Schalie, R., Scanlon, T., Kidd, R., R. A. M. de Jeu, Dorigo, W. (2020) Soil Moisture [ in "State of the Climate in 2019"]. Bull. Amer. Meteor., 101 (8), S56-S57,


 Aug. 13, 2020

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