Higher accuracies in terrain analyses when using TU Wien’s Equi7Grid

A recent research article in Nature Scientific Data spotlights the Equi7Grid, a spatial reference system developed in 2014 by the Remote Sensing group of the GEO Department. The highly visible article presents a comprehensive DEM-derived geomorphology dataset (named Geomorpho90m), including variables as slope, aspect, curvature and many more, and discusses in detail the beneficial characteristics of the Equi7Grid. When using the grid as basis for the data, the accuracy of the analytical measures could be preserved around the globe, undisturbed by geometric distortions faced with common projections. This publication appears to be the first major US-based research that acknowledges the Equi7Grid’s key strengths and recommends its use for spatial analyses to a broad audience.

Read the article here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41597-020-0479-6

 July 10, 2020

 Microwave Remote Sensing