Robust Pocket PDR

PDR is the motion detector in the indoor positioning system (IPS). It provides the user with information on the walking direction and walking speed. Combining the user motion information and radio/building geometry-based positioning system, provides accurate location information. In its current version, the advanced PDR algorithm focusses on the texting mode. As a result of the research work in this project, the PDR algorithm becomes on the one hand more versatile by covering more motion modes (especially pocket mode) and on the other hand, it will be more robust by incorporating information derived by feature detection, machine learning and time series analysis. Furthermore, the extension and improvements of the PDR algorithm will be augmented by a comprehensive data set, collected in the first phase of the project. This data set will serve for well-founded tests of previous and planned developments by ESRI or within the joint projects with TU Wien and will provide accurate ground truth for the user trajectories as well. All these parts of the project will contribute to improve the precision and reliability of the complete IPS.