Within KOREMA-Rail a ressource management tool for parking capacities regarding the railway sector is developed.
The DRAM-Application (Digital Rail Asset Management) by Prosoft Süd Consulting supports the operation and organisation for storage sidings, their capacity management as well as related tasks, like the availability of vacant parking tracks.
Therefore the research division Engineering Geodesy determines and evaluates qualitative criteria for the surveyed (d)GNSS positions of track systems. Thus, the validity of the track model is guaranteed and, furthermore, a quality improvement for the future automated operation of the tool is obtained. Concerning this, a focus is put on the different in-situ circumstances regarding GNSS measurements along railway tracks, with a special view on areas that affect the reception of GNSS, e.g. while passing bridges or strong vegetation around the tracks.
Subsequently the results serve as a stochastic model for the implementation of a kinematic Kalman-Filter. In this manner, gross errors ought to get detected and thereby an improvement of the entire system's reliability is reached.

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