Theory2practic – Students develop and perform their own monitoring project at the construction site

In the master course ‘Selected Topics of Engineering Geodesy’ the students develop their own monitoring project on a real object, the so called Probeschale, in the winter term 2019. This Probeschale is the 1:2 model of a wildlife viaduct (Wildbrücke) at the section Aich-Mittlern of the Koralm railway. This viaduct is being built using an innovative construction method based on forming of a hardened concrete plate into a free-form shell.

In this project, the students combine classical point-based methods with new surface-based methods, which are still under development at the research division of engineering geodesy at the TU Wien. By using the classic point-based methods, the students apply their acquired knowledge in geodetic networks, monitoring and deformation analysis to a real-world object. They expand their knowledge on surface-based metrology like terrestrial laser scanner and scanner for industrial survey (e.g. Leica T-Scan) as well as on analyzing methods by approximating a B-Spline surface from the scanned 3D point clouds for structural analysis.

Video of the construction process of the Probeschale (1:2 model), in the student’s project:

Webcam wildlife viaduct (1:1 model):

Video of the construction process of the wildlife viaduct (1:1 model):



 Jan. 9, 2019

 Engineering Geodesy